Cooking Science for Kids

Discovering the science behind cooking
Cooking Science for Kids

The kitchen is effectively a science lab where food is prepared through a series of chemical reactions. Understanding the science behind what happened behind each recipe allows us to understand the ‘whys’. Over the years, The Eureka Cooking Lab has been advocating the use of scientific cooking in commercial kitchen and this month, we decided to bring these interesting and enriching scientific principles in cooking to children. This 2-hr workshop is suitable for kids aged between 9 to 12 years old or anyone whom is interested to explore the science behind cooking. Through this workshop, we aim to allow the children to experience what they have learnt in school and how these principles are applied in the kitchen (not just through observation but hands-on!). What could be more fulfilling to learn science and cooking at the same time?!

Interesting science topics that will be covered:-
1. Temperature
2. Expansion and contraction of matter
3. Anatomy of an Egg
4. Weight vs volume

Throughout the class, participations will also be tasked to perform mathematical calculations covering topics such as:-
1. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
2. Percentage
3. Mass and volume

Hands-on recipes that the participants will learn:-
1. No Knead Pizza Dough - Explore and understand how yeast works, and how it affect the food we eat.
2. Eggs - Learn how different cooking temperatures affect the texture of eggs and master the technique of making the popular soft-boiled eggs!
3. Ice-cream - Learn how to make ice-cream at home and understand the science behind it!

Wed Jun 4, 2014
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM SGT
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